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Valley Village, Glenn Valley, Van Nuys, Northridge, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Burbank and the San Fernando Valley.

Health and Nutrition


Health and Wellness / Nutritional Guidance

Florence Silverstein programs include Health and Wellness coaching with Nutritional Guidance, Yoga, and lifestyle changes that increase longevity. Her 8 + years of experience and training in Yoga, Health and Nutrition in San Fernando Valley,  make her the best choice as your wellness and yoga coach.


Health and Wellness


She specializes in working with organizations to provide group and one-on-one instruction on how to develop healthy eating habits, reduce stress and make healthy lifestyle choices, including yoga and meditation.

Corporate Health Coaching:
Through my corporate wellness coaching programs, she helps

 organizations of all sizes reach the following benefits:
1. Lower Healthcare Costs - by educating employees to adopt healthy habits, companies can reduce the expenses associated with employee illness and absenteeism;
2. Improved Employee Satisfaction - employees are happier after being coached on stress reduction and healthy eating;
3. Enhanced Productivity - when employees have more energy throughout the workday, they are more productive. Increased employee productivity helps your company's bottom line.

Programs she offers Yourself and Your Family
* Making Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes
* Reducing Stress with Yoga and Guided Meditation
* Laughter Yoga
* Visualization for Health and Wellness

Contact her to discuss how she can contribute to your organization's wellness efforts.


Nutritional Guidance


Florence's programs include healthy lifestyle changes, heart disease prevention, and weight loss without the cravings.


Proper nourishment is vital to mental and physical wellbeing. Having a well-adjusted diet is significant for good health for everybody.  Nutrition similarly applies to a decrease or elimination of disease by adhering to a healthy diet. Having a variety of colorful foods in your diet will assist you in staying healthy.