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Healthy lifestyle changes and weight management


Healthy Lifestyle Alternatives and Weight Management

Are you ready for healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss changes that would increase longevity? 

Lose weight without the cravings with Florence's guidance. 


Healthy Lifestyle Alternatives


What's your lifestyle like? The reason lifestyle is so important is because how you live determines your choices and these choices decide how healthy you are.    

So, what is a healthy lifestyle? The typical components include not smoking, eating healthy foods, exercising and keeping the body at a healthy weight.    

First, figure out how much time you spend doing the following: 

• Sitting at a desk or in front of a TV  

• Sitting in a car or at a computer • Staying up late and not getting enough sleep • Eating out at restaurants  

•  Eating fast food or junk foods     

 Do you spend time in any of these activities? 

• Being active (sports, dancing, walking, etc.) • Exercising • Eating healthy such as fruits, veggies and whole grains • Relaxing and peaceful sleep • Dealing with stress through yoga and meditation  

Is it time to re-evaluate your priorities and plan the goals you want to achieve? What would be the cost of having an unhealthy lifestyle?  Do you want more energy and time for the things you enjoy? I can help you change your lifestyle to enhance your health, manage your time for pleasure and relaxation. Sign up with "Alternative Lifestyle  online - Florence Silverstein"

She can guide you to Lose weight without the cravings.

Let's get started today.

Weight Control


Ask any woman if she “enjoys” calorie-counting and the answer will be no surprise to you. Millions of women know the daily ritual of standing on the scale and letting the number dictate their day; of looking in the mirror and only seeing what they are trying to “diet away,” and then swinging on the pendulum of deprivation, over-eating and deprivation again.   

If you’re one of those millions of women, you probably feel the shame in your gut just reading these words. I know I used to. I’ve been there myself. I call this cycle and its restrictive approaches the “masculine strategies” for weight loss, and I’m happy to let you know there’s a much healthier, saner alternative available to you.   

It’s my deepest pleasure to introduce you to the feminine way to lose weight—I call it enjoyable weight loss. The benefits are:  

• Healthy lifestyle • Less stress • More restful sleep • More energy • ​Improved brain power • Extended lifespan  

• Prevention of major diseases