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As a Holistic Health Coach, I assist my clients in creating healthy lifestyle changes. 

I am a certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor and author, specializing in weight management, heart health and stress reduction. My passion is helping individuals lead healthier, more productive lives, as well as working with organizations to design and implement employee and workplace wellness programs. I create customized  programs for clients in the core areas of: holistic health, heart disease prevention, weight management, holistic lifestyle change, and mind / body / spirit wellness. My coaching methods include visualization, yoga and guided meditation.

Born and raised in India, I spent my formative years practicing yoga and meditation with my father. It was in my native India that I learned to cook with traditional Indian spices to prevent, treat -- and often heal -- many health conditions and diseases.


Meet Florence holistic health coaching in East San Fernando Valley, CA

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Florence Silverstein provides holistic health coaching that includes weight loss management, lifestyle changes, nutrition.

Customized Health Coach

East San Fernando Valley, CA, US

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