Robin K.

"Florence has designed a nutritional program for my specific dietary needs. She provides me with recipes and other healthy eating advice.  We meet  to discuss my progress and to tweak things if need be. I feel so much better than I did just a few months ago. I've tried prepacked food programs in the past and Florence's advice is far and above anything I've previously used. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has dietary restrictions, wants to lose weight, or just eat healthier. Her advice is invaluable.

Rose Wiley

I am so thankful that I found you and because you have taught me many things. Despairing over declining health, you as my holistic health coach, have taken me from a feeling of hopelessness to a positive conviction that I can lose weight, manage my diabetes, and lower my cholesterol; as I have experienced progress in all these areas. Thank you for restoring my sense of well-being. "                                                                                                  

Agneta Byland

​​​​​"​Florence is a great resource if you want to live a healthier life!  Not only did she help me prioritize my life better, to see what was really important, but the biggest impact was all the inf​ormation about anti -inflammatory foods, spices and herbs that she gave me. Florence is your greatest ally! Allow her to infuse your life with patience, passion, compassion and love... and steer you on the path to a happier healthier life! You won't  regret it!"             

Marytza Echevarria 

 I met Florence when I researched the web for private yoga lessons. Large group settings were not working for me, so I wanted something more personal. It was the 2nd best decision I've made in 2015. Florence is extremely professional, dedicated, expert in her area and strives to help make a positive impact in your life. She customizes every yoga and life coaching lesson to address my specific health needs and in the few months I've been working with her, I've achieved so much. I've  lost weight (she provides wonderful recipes) and my balance has improved both physically and mentally. Every week I get excited to see her as I know, I'll learn something new that will have a long-lasting impact in my life.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Florence to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their life through yoga/meditation and life coaching. SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.           


Paula Levand

 "I was very pleased with Florence's help with my blood pressure and health issues. I am eating healthier, dropped pounds and my blood pressure was 120/72 when I went to the doctor. She brings me healthy foods to include into my diet and has added meditation to my daily routine to help with stress. I went to Florence because of the huge success she helped her husband make with his health. Her recipes and diet plans are easy to prepare, healthy, and forced me to get away from processed foods that are not good for me. I am grateful for her expertise."   

Carole A.

Florence is simply awesome!  She is approachable, kind and professional. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer L.

I have been doing yoga and medication with Florence about once a week for a number of months now. I look forward to our sessions as a way to exercise my body and focus my mind. She comes to my house (I work from home) which makes it easy for me. Florence recognizes what I can and cannot do and pushes me without pushing too hard. I always feel refreshed and ready to get back to work when our sessions are over.